Sunday, 4 December 2011

REAF presents at Poulton meeting

A crowd of over 150 turned out for a REAF co-hosted event in Poulton on Monday 28th November. Working with CROP [Concerned Residents of Poulton] to impart information and encourage debate, REAF members answered questions from the public on all matters Fracking.

Also on hand to answer questions where representatives from the Environment Agency and for Cuadrilla, staff from PPS Group.

The evening started off with a slideshow explaining the fracking process as well as a series of photos showing the drilling equipment currently in operation as well as some of the sites under development around the Fylde.

Various discussions followed including the implications for the area should planned licences be granted and the effects of semi-industrialisation on house prices and traffic to name but a few. The slideshow was followed by short film Fracking Hell as well as REAF collaboration shorts with Friends of the Earth and The Co-Operative.

Reporters for the evening where the Blackpool Gazette and Radio Lancashire [links below] and filming was by students from the University of Lancaster.

BBC North West News series mentioned in the radio clip above

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  1. Next time PPS turn up you might want to ask them about this -