Friday, 2 December 2011

REAF feature for Bloomberg News

As part of our 'media day' on the 22/11/11 - REAF played host to a Bloomberg News crew covering Fracking in the UK - REAF arranged interviews with several key members local to the drilling site.

One REAF member owns and runs a caravan & camping site and organic farm and is concerned how semi-industrialisation of the area will affect business.

The question is; if gas production goes ahead as planned with an estimated 400 wells in Lancashire, will that create a loss in confidence in supply from an area that is a large contributor to the UK's salad and crops market?

The Bloomberg team then interviewed several other REAF members before leaving for Singleton to report on how the Fracking related earthquakes had shaken houses and people there.

You can watch the report on the Bloomberg News Channel [Sky UK may host this] or see the abridged version and web report here [sorry about the ads!]

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