Monday, 14 November 2011

REAF takes Gasland to Bleasdale

A sunny remembrance Sunday afternoon at Bleasdale parish hall was the setting for another REAF outreach event which was attended by 45 people from the surrounding area. The event was part funded by the Co-Op who payed the licence fee for a screening of the film 'Gasland'.

The screening was followed by a short recap of REAF's activities so far and an update of events around the Banks Marsh rig. This was followed by a Q & A session with several contributors answering questions that led to further discussion.

Several people at the meeting also took part in short video interviews with a ULCI student who is following the shale gas story for his journalism thesis. Most importantly however, was the agreement with several attendees to form a new group in the Wyre area and REAF are already helping with this, providing mailing details of those who attended the meeting as well as encouraging networking with other groups and offering to share ideas and resources.

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