Monday, 7 November 2011

Hundreds turn out to council hosted debate

It was standing room only at the council arranged event at Our Ladies church hall in Tarleton on Friday night (4th Nov) Turnout was greater than many had expected and people standing spilled out into the corridor off the main hall. A panel made up of Cuadrilla representatives, Simon Glover a spokesperson who worked in the drilling industry and Dr John Broderick from the Tyndale Centre. The BBC North West presenter Dave Guest facilitated the meeting and the event was introduced by Councillor Paul Blane.

Most of the questions for Caudrilla came from locals who had concerns about traffic, water contamination and from those trying to get details of their plans for development moving forward. It seemed that majority of those attending where in fact opposed to the companies operations but they weren't the only ones coming under attack as Lancs County Council was heavily criticised for the lack of public consultation prior to planning permission going ahead.

Lancs police had a small presence at the event and REAF members wanting to distribute leaflets where asked to do so only at the exit to the premises.

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