Tuesday, 4 October 2011

If you tolerate this, then your field may be next!

One of the barriers in getting the public onboard on this issue has been the fact that people really dont think its going to affect them, unless they are actually within line of site of a rig! Well, you couldn't be more wrong. The operators have a large licence area so theoretically they could apply for planning to the appropriate council, to drill anywhere in that licenced area.

If you live anywhere within the blue square above [PEDL165 CR / AJLUCAS] you might like to consider how this issue will affect you if the operators do indeed start drilling in your back yard?

Not in the North West? See THIS map covering the UK showing licence areas and potential drilling / fracking sites.

DECC Overview map of UK
Overview of all UK oil and gas exploration (fracking sites are green dots) https://www.og.decc.gov.uk/information/bb_updates/maps/landfields_lics.pdf

Licence Data by Block


  1. Great post REAF - really clear and powerful. Also possibly the best headline yet in the War on Fracking.

  2. Be aware that this country imports something in the region of 70% of its gas requirements, much of it from Russia; they could hold us to ransom. No? 2009 they cut off supplies to the Ukraine; 2010 they reduced supplies to Lithunia. That possibility plus the concern about possible cuts in electricity, much of which is also imported, in the next few years, leaves this country vulnerable to serious exploitation.

  3. All the more reasons to get investment and jobs in renewables online as soon as possible. Indigenous fossil fuels have a finite life & we will be presented with the same problem further down the line. Shale Gas: a quick fix for a quick buck with not much conern for the future / environment. If we insulate ourselves we better have a good answer when our own supplies run out also!!!