Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cuadrilla prepare Anna's Road, Westby

It looks likely that Anna's Road, Westby will be the next location on Cuadrilla's schedule. Work on pad preperation is well underway. This photo was taken late afternoon on Thursday 20th October [click to enlarge]

The 'impenetrable membrane', which appears to be thick bitumen sheeting, can clearly be seen folded over in the foreground and lapped into the gutters around the edge of the pad. Would this be enough to prevent 'undesirable liquids' contaminating neighbouring fields and ground water should a spill occur?

This site is well away from residential housing, the adjacent fields are not used for crops but haylage. There is a small plant hire business close by with the next neighbour being Clifton Fields Caravan Park.

Anna's Road itself is a small single track road badly in need of repair. You would have to go out of your way to find it. Peel Road on the other hand is a narrow but busy and quick link road to Lytham. Increased traffic and turning here will undoubtedly be a cause for concern as well as possible problems for aircraft?


  1. Hi. One of your press article links on your site (Guardian - Minimal regulation in UK) was based on an interview with myself. Is there a comittee for REAF? An e-mail address where somebody can be contacted? I cannot see this on your site. Do you have any technical people in your team (I mean ex-oil and gas?). Regards Mike Hill

  2. The REAF email address is at the bottom of every page next to the word 'contact'




  3. Do you have any technical people in your team (I mean ex-oil and gas?). Regards Mike Hill


    We have one member who used to work in the oil industry but we have various avenues of contact which we may seek in future campaign strategy.

    Are you on side offering help?