Saturday, 17 September 2011

REAF take planning workshop

REAF had a good turn out today and had lively conversations with visitors to the REAF tent. Different workshops were held throughout the day. Sue McGuire and John Hodson led a well attended impromptu workshop on council planning.

International, national and local climate campaigners spent a fruitful day discussing the myriad issues involved in campaigning against fracking. A sense of community has very definitely been forged and our local group is strengthened by the support of other local and regional groups like Friends of the Earth, Transition Southport and CPRE and by a much wider national community of environmental campaigners.

The Co-operative Group has called for a moratorium on the extraction of natural gas from the UK’s shale formations and group representatives were at the camp talking about the issues.

Contrib by: LG / Edit by: EM

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