Wednesday, 21 September 2011

REAF on BBC Radio Merseyside

REAF member in live interview with Cuadrilla representative on BBC Radio Merseyside this morning. In the interview Eric Vaughan [Cuadrilla Resources] uses the example of Elswick-1 to try and allay public fears surrounding local gas production however Elswick-1 is a special case and was bought by Cuadrilla in 2010 - was there another motive for this purchase?

REAF on BBC Radio Merseyside 21-09-11 by REAF

Elsewhere in the media today there has been coverage of Cuadrilla's private press conference in Blackpool where they revealed their findings following exploration. Of course REAF members and other supporting groups where waiting outside to welcome them!

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  1. Well done Eve! You did a really good job of articulating local concerns. Cuadrilla seem keen to avoid discussion of future environmental impacts when they go into commercial production, and they are still trying to present this as an established industrial process!